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Ben Goossens


The interest of photography and illustration started already in Highschool.  

Four years in Artschool (St. Lucas Brussels) was the next step.

Illustration and photography became an obsession.


He started in the advertising as a designer for 1 year and worked as an Art Director the rest of his career. 22 years in consumer advertising and 13 years in International Medical Advertising.

Surrealistic painters were his source of inspiration in advertising and still are now.

Later in the International Medical Advertsing the ideas and concepts were more symbolic, so that doctors, all over the world, should understand it.


As a member of a belgian photoclub, from 1970 till 1980, he learnt the darkroom- and

photographic techniques, which he used very soon for experimental darkroom B&W images. He rejoined the photoclub in 1996 and was sending now digital-experimental photos to National and International Photocontests with success.


As an art-director he was suppossed to bring new creative visuals.

At first with AD markers, airbrush or camera and later with Photoshop, the magic solution, no limits in phantasy. The style of  his present photos, is based on his professional past.

If the image has no ”saut créative”, than it’s missing something.

There must always be an idea in his work. Either simple, more comical unreal or complex surrealistic. The idea is for him more important than the technique.


While making a photo, he is already thinking what image he will create with it and looks around for the desired complementary photo, or refers to a stock of 33 years of Neg/CS and even illustrates a part to bring the idea that he had in mind. The aim of those ideas is to photograph different “things”, bring them together and give them a new life and a new sense. By combining airbrush-illustrations skills from the past  with modern computer software and a lot of imagination, he tries to create images that are unusual and personal, which gives him a lot of satisfaction.


Besides creating images, he is curator since 12 year on

Ben Goossens

Meeting R.Magritte

Ben Goossens

A new song grows

Ben Goossens

Solide like a rock

Ben Goossens

Power of nature

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