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Ferenc Temesvári


He was born in 1960, Budapest. Like many others in their career, he began with graphic works. Under the mentoring instructions of his art teacher Frigyes Porscht, his talent was rapidly noticed.

Early in his career, he could already own and show significant illustrational arts. Almost all of the remarkable magazines regularly published his drawings in the 1980s. He has been a contractual illustrator

of the Galaktika, Android, 576 KByte magazines and Vega publisher. Besides of these, he has illustrated several books commissioned by Cédrus publisher.

During the graphical period of his career, he was able to acquire oil technic as well. His painting teacher, was András Januska painter also known as “the teacher of ours”. After an early and quicker period, he got above the requirements of his school as Ferenc Temesvári was already able to draw and paint with an exceptional and an outstanding talent. Since 1983, he has been producing his works as an exhibiting artist. From the same year,

he managed to contract with the Képcsarnok company as his arts got the audience award on the Vega publisher’s competition. This period of the 1980s, his works had already been published in tv advertisements of Horizon publisher as well.

In the organization of IBB art trade company and Képcsarnok he participated in the second collective exhibition of the Hungarian painters in London, 1988. His first foreign appearance was in the year 1991 when he won the first prize with a golden plaque in the International Graphical and Painter biennale, Santa Barbara. With this outstanding international award, he became the first non-American painter who received it. In the US, the famous Bridge published his graphics. Later, in 1995 with the invitation from a well known exhibitor he could have a half year study tour around the biblical landscapes of Israel, which he closed with a monumental exhibition in Tiberias.

Instrument music has a particular and great impact on him especially Andreas Vollenweider harpist, Mike Oldfield, Enigma and Pink Floyd. His artistic sources are mainly from the 4 elements, mythological and sci-fi themes. Some other specific features would besome soft eroticism, the love of nature, animals and the especial representation of the water world.

His arts have been shown in Vienna Otto Gallery and Stockholm as well. He has taken part in several individual and collective exhibitions with his most important and remarkable domestic ones: Gödöllő, Kiskőrös, Budapest and Kecskemét. Some other notable places for his exhibitions he proudly remembers are the Atrium Hyatt hotel in 2001 and 2003, Hilton hotel in 2018 and the OTP Hall. In addition, he participated in the University of Agronomics, Gödöllő group exhibition as well. His most recent pictures are related to the fascinating topic of surrealism.

Ferenc Temesvári

Sign of Hope 

70x100  Oil on canvas

Ferenc Temesvári

Magic of the Moment 

100x120  Oil on canvas

Ferenc Temesvári

Emotional reef Inhatitants 

100x140  Oil on canvas

Ferenc Temesvári


90x120  Oil on canvas

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