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Lyaisan Musina


Musina Lyaisan was born in Kazan, Tatarstan region (Russia)

Now she is finishing her higher education in the field of architectural design, where she began her conscious path as a creator and seeker of creative truth.

In addition to classical art education at the university, she studies art through performative forms, movement art and dance.

Her works reflect the collected experience of plastic creation, her architectural search and fine graphics. All this, merging together, creates the unique style of her canvas.

She explores the forms through the plasticity and dynamics of the objects in her fantasy works. She captures the dynamics of processes and observes their transformation experimenting with the origin of life cycles, surreal urban landscapes of the future and air flows.

Lyaisan Musina

The metropolis of surrealistic future

Lyaisan Musina

Biophilic architecture of the future

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